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CEO Message

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For Human Health and The Dignity of Life An enterprise which respects the sanctity of life Celltrion Pharm started as Hanseo Pharmaceutical Trading Co. in 1976, has grown and developed through ceaseless efforts, and has been changed into a human- and customer-oriented pharmaceutical company.

From the beginning of the establishment of the company sales system network has been expanded, and has grown to be a leading pharmaceutical company that holds about 3,800 customers from university hospitals to general pharmacies.
Also, Celltrion secured a foothold for exploitation of overseas markets, establishing joint ventures in South-East Asia including China, Philippines and Vietnam and Kazakhstan owing to paying attention to export from 1990. The company secured a foothold for the 2nd take-off by becoming an affiliate of Celltrion, a worldwide biotech company, in 2009, and diversified businesses through M&A and secured a turning point to be able to develop as a global pharmaceutical company. Celltrion Pharm will do its best to leap as a global pharmaceutical company through a strong competitiveness via synergy with the mother company Celltrion and strategic alliance with Celltrion’s global network. In addition, the company will lead Korean markets entering into biosimilar business area besides the existing chemical products, and will dash forward continuous exploitation of overseas markets and R&D for new drug development. Celltrion Pharm will not become a company that adapts itself to the changes, but become a company that leads changes, and will do its best to be born again as one of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies that contribute to public health promotion and society with its passion and ambition. Thank you.