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R&D History

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History of Research & Development. Celltrion Pharm has taken the leader in developing Korean new drugs such as GODEX capsule and TAMIPUL injection, and strengthened new drug development capacity, taking over Cairo Jenics, a new drug development professional company, in 2007. Celltrion Pharm is laying foundation for its global pharmaceutical position under the motto of one of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies that lead changes.

The R&D network of Celltrion Pharm consists of Biosimilar R&D Center within Celltrion which is the parent company of Celltrion Pharm, Chemical Pharmaceutical Research Center of Cairo Jenics which is a subsidiary company of Celltrion Pharm, Drug Preparation Research Center of Celltrion Pharm and clinical task & licensing task teams at the head office, and performs R&D activities rapidly and efficiently by communicating with many home and abroad top organizations.