Vision & Mission

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Vision & Missions CelltrionPharm is aimed at one of the world's top global pharmaceutical companies that lead changes through new drug development and strengthening R&D power.

Celltrion Pharm has been able to exclusive sales and distribution right in Korea since 2011 for the biosimilars produced by Celltrion, parent company, through the M&A in 2009, and is preparing for the development chemical drugs that can be combined with Celltrion’s bio-drugs. In this way Celltrion Pharm will propose the model of new pharmaceutical company that leads changes in pharmaceutical markets based on a synergy effect of biopharmaceuticals and chemical pharmaceuticals. In addition, Celltrion Pharm will try to develop drugs of new mechanism for the diseases such as cancers, immune deficient disorders, diabetes and obesity focusing on development of drugs for cell compensatory diseases. Celltrion Pharm will become a company that will create value that can contribute to public health promotion with its passion and ambition for such ceaseless research and development.

Mission: Global Quality & Competitive Price